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My name is Jokkie Gauché, and my first coach training was in 2007. Most of my early work involved coaching people on their Gallup strengths profile. Over the years, I did three more coach training courses and a coach supervision training course. I would say that most of my coaching fell into the life coaching category. I also worked on projects in corporates, universities, government organisations, and small businesses.

COVID-19 forced me to re-evaluate what I do. I was already over 70 and needed to train someone to take my place in the non-profit I was serving. So I started an online training journey spread over the year 2021 and also involved two other people. This experience opened my eyes to the new possibilities that were available to us online. Ilana was now trained and ready to go, and the training naturally evolved into a business relationship. She has a background in design but has volunteered for a Non-profit for several years and has done some Christian counselling.

After lots of online research and learning, we were keen to launch an online program. I have presented Christian workshops over the last 20 or more years, so I was eager to invest my final working years into this focused area. So the online ZOE IMMERSION EXPERIENCE was born as a joint venture between myself and Ilana Kloppers. What does that mean?

What we do

We do online and in-person Christian Coaching. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then this could be for you

We hold a thinking space for you to unlock your inner genius.

Try our group coaching session on your Gallup StrengthsFinder profile to understand the way you think.

In looking at the state of our country and the world in general, we have also decided to launch a short weekly publication to call people to pray for their land. No politicians or organisations are going to resolve the mess we are in, and the Bible is full of stories of what happened when God intervened.

Pray 4 your land is available in audio and text both in English and Afrikaans.

We help people to let go of the past, embrace their identity in Christ and embark on a new road of freedom and fruitfulness in Christ – it’s really a relationship reset – a reset of relationships with Jesus, self and others – the foundations of being human.

What others had to say about Zoe Immersion

"I was delighted to see your course available online, really interesting. Many years ago my life was hugely impacted by the methodology used to provide me with tools towards inner healing. In the time that I was a facilitator I experienced this course to be the best tool to come alongside those who are struggling with unresolved issues from the past hindering spiritual growth . . ." CB



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